The 3rd OECD-GFLEC symposium looked at available evidence to address cutting-edge policy issues and identify key research directions, as well as practical solutions, with a view to advancing financial literacy for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Discussions focussed on: 

  • Financial literacy and MSMEs

    – What does the evidence show?

    – What do entrepreneurs and business owners need?

    – How do key stakeholders respond?
  • Harnessing financial education to spur entrepreneurship and innovation: Policy implications and directions

The symposium was attended by high-level international researchers, officials and experts from ministries of finance and education, central banks, regulatory and supervisory authorities, officials of state governments and international organisations, NGOs, and representatives from the academic community, private and civil sectors.

This event was co-organised by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Centre (GFLEC) and the OECD International Network for Financial Education (OECD/INFE).

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