Access Bank Launches Campaign To Combat Online Banking Fraud

Access Bank has started a campaign to educate consumers about how they can protect themselves.

Access Bank Plc, Africa’s largest retail bank, has launched an awareness campaign to educate and protect clients from e-banking fraud as part of its ongoing commitment to educate and protect customers from e-banking fraud.

The ‘Banks Don’t Ask’ campaign focuses on three core actions that account for the majority of fraud incidences in Nigeria: phishing, SIM card fraud, ATM fraud, and POS fraud.

According to all estimates, the country’s phishing, SIM card, ATM, and POS fraud rates have risen in the last few years. Furthermore, the sophistication with which these illicit acts are carried out has increased, making naïve clients particularly vulnerable to these criminal activities.

“In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the rate of internet-based and technology-perpetrated fraud,” said Victor Etuokwu, ED retail banking. “We want to make sure that our customers are not only protected but also aware of the tactics used by fraudsters,” he continued. Personal financial information such as your 16-digit card number, password, PIN, BVN, CVV, or One-Time Password will never be requested by Access Bank (OTP). As a result, clients should never share personal information with anyone, even if they appear to be from the bank.”