Mobilising long-term and stable financing for infrastructure development in the Asia-Pacific region

26-27 June 2014, Dalian, China

Under the aegis of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) and within the framework of the OECD Project on Institutional Investors and Long-Term Investment, the OECD co-organised a high-level seminar on “Mobilising long-term and stable financing for infrastructure development in the Asia-pacific region” in Dalian, China on 26-27 June 2014.  The seminar was hosted by the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China.

Long-term investment and infrastructure financing has been identified as an important policy theme for APEC. Building on the 2013 APEC/OECD Seminar on Infrastructure Financing organised under the Indonesian presidency in Palembang, this seminar was case study focused:

  • Managing risk and return of long-term infrastructure investment
  • The challenges of infrastructure investment from an investor’s perspective
  • The role of a PPP centre or unit in infrastructure development
  • Cultivating financial markets to promote infrastructure development
  • The implementation roadmap for infrastructure PPP in the APEC region

The case studies and insights shared at the seminar will provide useful references for the concrete deliverables of the APEC Finance Minister’s Meeting  later this year.

Participants included high-level representatives of pension funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds, as well as high-level officials and experts from ministries of finance, central banks and international organisations.