PROS: DID YOU KNOW, DRIVING TO WORK ENHANCES PRODUCTIVE THINKING While some may use the time in a car to unwind and decompress from the events of the morning, an added benefit is to utilize that hard-to-come-by, uninterrupted time for some productive thinking. Psychologists have researched over the years that while driving is a complex task, it also frees up parts of the brain to think productively that may not have been there before. So, when you look at it that way, if you have a significant task that you can’t seem to make any headway on, maybe it’s time […]



Experts Explain Gains Of Cashless Policy At FirstCentral’s Webinar

In the recent webinar organised by FirstCentral Credit Bureau – Experts from financial sector, mostly Fintechs, MFBs, Commercial Bank and Central Bank of Nigeria scrutinised the pros and cons of the cashless policy. FirstCentral Credit Bureau Limited, Nigeria’s only independent and first licensed Credit Bureau , well-known for its commitment to designing and deploying solutions that turn data into strategic tools for information and risk management, recently organised a webinar titled: ‘Harnessing the Benefits of Cashless Policy on Credit Allocation in a Developing Nation’ which had Experts from financial and fintech institutions throw their weight behind the cashless policies of[…]



Firstcentral New Enquiry Portal is now BETA

Firstcentral New Enquiry Portal is now BETA with features that makes the experience worth your while. Introducing: Enhanced performance, speed, and accuracy, Forgot password feature, Change password Feature, Live chat, individual and organization search history, Easy access to DUD Cheque portal and many more… Migrate from our Classic Portal to the new BETA enquiry portal today.