Introducing FirstCentral F-ALERT

Introducing the FirstCentral F-ALERT SMS/ EMAIL system. Get access to information on customer’s loan scoring and reports via SMS with analysis of the impact of non-repayments straight through your gadgets. F-ALERT aims to convince customers to pay up outstanding sums and improve their credit score.This medium reaches the customer directly, and educates them on the impact of late/non-repayment of their loans hence improving repayment without breaching the privacy law



The CBN Raises The Interest Rate To 17.5%

The benchmark interest rate was previously raised by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) by 100 basis points to 17.5 percent. Godwin Emefiele, the governor of the CBN, made this announcement on Tuesday following a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee of the top bank (MPC). Concern has been voiced about the CBN’s fifth interest rate increase by manufacturers and other important groups. The CBN said that the small drop in inflation in December 2022 showed that previous increases were starting to have an effect. The CBN emphasized the need to continue tightening its fiscal policy, nevertheless.



How to Apply for a Farm Loan

The agriculture industry contributes significantly to the global economy by giving people all around the world access to food, fiber, and other goods. So, farmers need to have access to money so they can buy land, equipment, and other things they need to run their businesses. Lending to farmers is one way to get money. A farmer’s loan is a type of loan that was made just for farmers and farming businesses. We will go through how to apply for a farmer’s loan, the different sorts of loans that are available, the steps involved, and the criteria for acceptance. Farmer’s[…]