How should pension systems account for gender differences and deliver equitable pensions for women and men? Do differences in financial literacy between men and women impact their long-term well-being? What can be done to provide women with access to the formal economy and safe working conditions? How can women be empowered to fight against corruption. How can men engage more within companies to bring about change?

These are some of the questions debated at the OECD-hosted conference that took place on International Women’s Day within the framework of the OECD Gender Initiative. The conference was attended by senior decision-makers from the public and corporate worlds, experts, academics and stakeholders.

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Programme and speaker biographies français

Gabriela Ramos: Opening Speech

Eric Parrado: Gender differences in the Chilean banking system

Aude de Montesquiou: Business, finance and gender

Chiara Monticone: Gender differences in financial literacy

Hera Hussain: How tech is reducing the impact of corruption on women

Eve Read: Pension gender gap, how can we respond?

Robert Baker: Engaging men, achieving progress or responding to backlash?


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