NEWS RELEASE – UK auto-enrolment represents ‘good progress’, but continued focus on DC outcomes essential, says OECD

Today in many countries defined contribution (DC) pension schemes are expected to provide a major source of retirement income. This OECD report summarises the challenges that policymakers face and recommends key improvements that can help to ensure DC delivers the incomes individuals need.

5 March 2013, London, UK‌‌

The OECD, in partnership with the UK Pensions Institute and the International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM), organised a Conference on Defined Contribution Pensions, Guarantees and Risk Sharing in London on 5 March 2013. Steve Webb, UK Minister for Pensions, opened the event and panel discussions focused on:

  • Making Defined Contribution pensions work better for members
  • Designing ‘Defined Ambition’ pension plans
  • Guarantees vs. risk-sharing pension deals
  • Pension communication and individual behaviour

>> Download summary record (pdf)

Key speakers included senior members of the OECD’s Financial Affairs Division, The World Bank, the International Centre for Pension Management, the Rotman School of Management, the University of Toronto, NEST, the ABI and the UK Department for Work and Pensions – see biographies on the right.

Participants ranged from pension experts from international institutions and pension regulatory bodies to academia and the wider pensions industry.

On this occasion, the OECD also presented extracts from a forthcoming publication on Improving the Design of Retirement Saving Plans.


Speakers Pensions Event 5 March 2013 London