Disputing Your Credit Score 

If you notice anything wrong or off the usual while checking your credit history or credit score, you can dispute this by following the appropriate channel.

Filing a dispute has no effect on your credit score; however, if the information on your credit report changes after your dispute is resolved, your credit score may be altered.

What you are disputing and the conclusion of the debate determine how it changes—whether it goes up, down, or stays the same. Late payments, for example, have a negative impact on credit scores; but, if a late payment was incorrectly reported on your credit report and you had this wrong information removed through the dispute process, your credit ratings will most likely rise.

Some information on your credit report, such as identification and address information, has no effect on your credit score. It will have no effect on your credit scores if you correct this type of information.

Reporting A Dispute With Firstcentral Credit Bureau

  1. Visit www.firstcentralcreditbureau.com, then under in the “Menu” under “Feedback” select “Report Dispute” or visit www.firstcentralcreditbureau.com/report-dispute
  2. On the “Report Dispute” page, select the type of dispute you would like to report, you are to either select “Dispute Resolution Form for Individual” or “Commercial Dispute Resolution Form”
  3. Once you have selected the type of dispute, fill the form correctly and submit it.

However, if you are yet to check your credit history or credit score, simply follow the steps below to do so today free of charge.