The FirstCentral Credit Bureau Dishonored Cheque Report (FirstCentral DCR) enables your organization to verify the current/past status of your potential customer in regards to dishonored cheque issuance. The XDS DVR also serves as an information verification tool, whereby the information provided by the customer is verified for accuracy and authentication.

Product Features

Enquiry input details, demographic information, Demographic details of the issuer with the financial institutions

Product Benefits

Helps to proactively detect dishonoured/dud cheques and hence ascertain the validity or otherwise of a cheque

Dud Cheque Portal

Please use your usual username and password to login, you will know that you are logged in when the product menu appears on the left.

Once logged in should you wish to access the Dishonoured Cheque application System functions, please use the modules’ navigational bar on your left.

Should you encounter any difficulties in accessing the application, please contact FirstCentral Dishonoured Cheque Support on +234 817 837 7643