Factors Affecting FICO Credit Scores and Their Percentages

FICO Credit Score is the most used in calculating of credit scores of individuals, here is some of the factors that determine your credit score by their percentage.

Payment history (35%)

Your track record of making (at the very least) minimal payment by the due date.

Amounts owed (30%)

How much of your borrowing capacity is actually being utilized. Divide total debt by total credit limits to arrive at this figure.

Length of credit history (15%)

Your active credit lines’ average age. Longer credit histories tend to demonstrate responsibility.

Credit Mix (10%)

The various sorts of active credit lines that you manage (e.g., mortgage, credit cards, students loans, etc.)

New Credit (10%)

The new credit lines that you’ve requested. New credit applications have a temporary negative impact on your credit score.

The above are key factors to your credit score and you need to be mindful of them to have a good credit score.

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