Frequently Asked Questions

Scores are simply numbers that represent how credit worthy a borrower or potential borrower is.

If you diligently pay your credit as and when due, you will have a good credit score which will increase your chances of getting a loan or facility from any credit institution.

A bad score on the other hand results when you do not repay your loans as at when due. This might automatically disqualify you from getting any further loans from credit institutions.

A credit bureau is different from a bureau de change. A bureau de change deals with currency exchange, while a credit bureau provides information on a borrower’s credit worthiness and how likely the borrower will pay back the loan/facility.

X-Score is developed and calibrated based on the uniqueness of the Nigerian credit environment applying parameters similar to some other credit scores.

The classifications on X-Score might be different from those of other credit scores as a result of the difference in risk weight assigned by the different credit bureau but there is usually a close margin.

FirstCentral Credit Bureau does not provide loans, but provides information (reports) that would facilitate the approval of loan applications.

A credit report shows your previous/current credit performance and repayment history. A good credit repayment behavior is a strong collateral that can help you access loans.

You can have access to your credit report in 4 minutes by registering on Snap Check and subscribing to a plan, provided you supply the relevant requirements. You can also request for your credit report by sending a mail to

No, you can request for your report online (Snap Check) or via email at

Yes, knowing your score is a necessity because it makes the lending institutions make fast decisions about your application.

Various credit providing institutions subscribed to our services supply your credit data. These include banks, utility providers, retailers and other data related service providers.

Yes, FirstCentral is the first licensed credit bureau in Nigeria.