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Have you ever taken a loan from any loan apps, company or banks.
Then this would definitely interest you.

Did you know that you are being scored based on your behaviors to loans you have collected or servicing.
How you handle your loan are critical to how you are scored.

Most people are known for collecting loans, especially from loan apps and disappear without paying, this behaviors have big effect on your future as a person and can absolutely deny you a lot of things in the future.

Join the Firstcentral Credit Bureau live session series, where you will learn about CREDIT SCORING, how it works, and how it can affect you both POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY.

Not knowing is not going to be an excuse as everyone has a score.

Click the link below today and join the first of our live session series which is holding on Thursday 31st of March 2021 on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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