Date of publication

8 July 2017


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This report describes the levels of financial literacy of adults in G20 countries and the Netherlands and Norway, guest countries under the G20 German Presidency. The results show that there is considerable scope for improvement in levels of financial knowledge, behaviour and attitudes across G20 countries, confirming the importance of developing and sustaining a national strategy on financial education that reaches all groups of the population including young people. This is ever more urgent as the digitalisation of finance brings new opportunities and challenges to consumers, and especially to vulnerable groups.

The report was prepared in response to a call from G20 Leaders in the 2016 Hangzhou Action Plan, drawing primarily on data collected using the toolkit to measure financial literacy and financial inclusion developed by the OECD/International Network on Financial Education (OECD/INFE). It was presented to G20 Leaders at their 2017 Summit meeting in Hamburg on 8 July 2017.