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30/05/2017 – The OECD Business and Finance Scoreboard accompanies the OECD Business and Finance Outlook by providing a commented overview of selected indicators and data related to corporate performance, banking, capital markets, pensions and investments. While some of the indicators and developments are subject to in-depth analysis in the Outlook, others appear only in the Scoreboard, giving the reader complementary information and additional opportunities for analysis.

The Scoreboard includes data and analysis both for OECD non-OECD countries. It focuses on developments relating to:

  • Publicly listed companies, using a dataset of 11 000 large listed companies

  • Market-based financing, using data from almost 340 000 individual public equity and corporate bond transactions

  • Foreign direct investment activity, applying state-of-the-art methodology developed by the OECD

  • Pension funds, building on original data provided by national authorities

  • The banking sector, providing a set of accounting and market-based indicators

The Scoreboard makes use of data that is collected directly by the OECD as well as calculations that are based on information available in different external databases. A detailed description of the methodology for data collection and analysis is provided in the annex.

The indicators and data primarily reflect the focus of previous editions of the OECD Business and Finance Outlook. The Scoreboard aims to establish a useful balance between relevant standardised indicators to be tracked over time and quantitative information that primarily is tailored to support the policy themes that will be addressed in subsequent editions of the Business and Finance Outlook.

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