In light of critical financing needs for infrastructure development in Africa, this event explored strategies to leverage Africa’s pension funds, as well as other sources of private financing to develop Africa’s infrastructure. Ways to improve the investment climate in Africa using the recently updated Policy Framework for Investment were also addressed, specifically:

  • Africa’s development financing priorities

  • the role of the Policy Framework for Investment in creating a stable and conducive environment for investment

  • factors and policies that promote private sector’s participation in infrastructure development

  • recommendations to leverage pension funds for financing infrastructure development


Maged Abdelaziz | Angel Gurría | Carlos Lopes | Ibrahim Assane Mayaki | Elham M.A. Ibrahim | Macky Sall | Vincent Seretse | Erik Solheim | Lisa Kubiske | Olajobi Makinwa | Renosi Mokate | Chinelo Anohu-Amazu 

This event was co-organised by the UN Office of the Special Advisor to Africa (OSAA) and the OECD. It is an official side event of the 3rd International Conference on Financing for Development.  


Meeting documents

Keynote by Angel Gurría


Concept note

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3rd International Conference on Financing for Development