Polaris Bank Uses Digital Platform To Provide Better Services

Polaris Bank said the project will allow the bank to provide better value and benefits to its existing and new customers by leveraging its recently released digital banking platform, VULTe.

While underlining the unique features and benefits of VULTe, Polaris Bank’s chief digital officer (CDO), Dele Adeyinka, said: “VULTe is a convenient, easy, and quick self-service digital solution, which allows users (new and existing) access to a range of banking services hard to get elsewhere.”

“Account opening and Wallet (NGN and USD), airtime and data top-up; fund account; funds transfer; bills payment; pay day loan; lifestyle and events (Discover); Automated Teller Machine (ATM); and Branch/Agent locator” are among the services available.

“VULTe is designed as a platform where value providers and value consumers align with payment as the fundamental medium of exchange,” he says.

“VULTe is Omni-channel; it is accessible with the same credentials and provides a consistent user experience on both web and mobile platforms,” the CDO stated. It’s more adaptable and scalable, and it ensures a better user experience by facilitating onboarding and usage.”

Other intriguing VULTe services, according to Adeyinka, include a customer incentive program that offers new users a 30-day free money transfer and a twofold airtime incentive.

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