Elements That Influence Your Credit Score

The items mentioned below are key to determining how well your credit score would be. Pay attention to them and you may just have a better credit score over time. Payment History Amounts Owed Credit History Duration New Credit Payment History The most essential factor in determining your credit scores is your payment history, as it shows on your credit report. Within this category, the scoring models take into account: Timeliness Of Payments: A track record of paying your bills on time is beneficial to your credit score. Late payments: Payments that are more than 30 days late will usually […]



How To Check Your Credit Score

It’s important to know your credit score, so as to know how much effort you would need to put in to either improve or maintain a credit-worthy Credit Score. In order to know your credit score simply follow the list of steps below: Using The Firstcentral Credit Bureau Website Simply visit the Firstcentral Credit Bureau website (www.firstcentralcreditbureau.com). Then click on “Get Free Credit Score” (you are entitled to a free credit score check once a month t&c applies). Fill out the form that appears and submit it, your credit score will be displayed to you in an instant. Using Email[…]



Credit Bureaus and Credit Scores

A credit score is a statistical number that evaluates a consumer’s creditworthiness and is based on the individuals credit history. Credit scores steams from a key need – The need to ascertain the associated default risk of the borrowing party using historical credit reference and predict the probability that the borrower will default/perform on a new loan obligation. By some credit score user’s standard however, the current credit score model may be limited in a number of ways – (1) It leverages on credit parameters and ignore individuals without credit, even though such person may be liquid. (2) It declares[…]